Everyone has the power to come together and do good.

We believe in. The power of the collective. The Arts as a tool to awaken our critical thinking and raise awareness. Visual expressions as a trigger to turn shrugged shoulders into action.

Who we are.
We are designers, makers, artists, hackers, architects, painters, musicians, photographers, cooks, dancers, film directors, writers, scientists, poets.

We are not the kind of people waiting for things to fall down from the sky. We create our own ideal scenarios and bring them to life, now, no matter what.

We are conscious voters, using our wallets and brain space to support the kind of initiatives, non-profits and companies we care about.

We are critical thinkers, questioning how things work and why they are the way they are. Passenger seats and zombies' roles dictacted by our capitalist world are not for us. We don't settle for the crumbs, but for the whole damn cake. 

We are unapologetic about what we stand for, neither do we take a no as an answer nor ask permission to get a seat at the table.

What we care about. We care about a world where the climate crisis is the priority. Where the GDP is no longer the holy grail of a country's economic success. Where sobriety and degrowth hacking are undoubtly badass.

How we do. We are a collective of doers, fearlessly rolling up our sleeves, and getting our hands dirty. We might use provocative arts, design and short films to express ourselves. We believe in the power of visual esthetics to tell a strong message and awake our critical judgment. Once our eyes are widely open, there is no way back.