Barcelona edition, March 9th, 10h-22h

The Jowgli is a space of mind.

When we enter the Jowgli, through our community, popup events and physical third spaces, our mind is instantly triggered to switch from the passenger to the driver's seat.

Because Capitalism is the leading cause of the destruction of our planet, of wealth inequalities and of the exploitation of our bodies and minds, we urgently need to uprise, shift to a post-capitalist society and maintain our chances to live on an habitable planet.

Entering the Jowgli is reclaiming and regaining the space in our mind, in our cities, in our communities to come together, think critically and create outside of the box.

Questionning the system we’re in and choosing to spend time away from consumerism, are already acts of rebellion. Artists, makers, designers, architects, filmmakers, critical doers, business owners, we take the matter in our own hands, move forward no matter the counterforces we’re facing, by taking initiatives and not waiting for things to fall from the sky. We are activists, without the label.

From a powerlessness mindset anesthetized by capitalism, turning us into couch potatoes under the perfusion of Netflix series, endless social media scrolling and food delivery services.

We switch to the driver’s seat: an uprising mindset, radically creative, hands-on, interconnected, where we choose to do good with no return on investment.

Rooted in the arts, culture and social justice, we're shaping a post-capitalist cultural movement, a counterculture, to celebrate those who dare questioning, spending time on their crafts, sharing skills, supporting their community.



Doors open @akasha.barcelona
A big welcome to everyone! 
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Collective breakfast
With fresh organic fruits 🍊🍎 from Yolanda & Eva, Ceres Natural @molsa.biosi and sourdough bread 🍞 from Arnaud, Forn la Panacee @forn_la_panacee


Killing the Rituals — hands-on workshop
By Michael Gonzalez @michaelgonzales4242


Painting machine — eyes-on installation
By José Salatino @josevicentesalatino


Low-tech bike — eyes-on installation
By Kris De Decker @lowtechmagazine


Tempeh in the making — guts-on workshop
By Maud Bausier y Antoine Jaunard @domingoclub


River of life, bumps and turning points — hands-on workshop
By Oliver Kreickmann @olliariul


Collective salad in the making — hands-on cooking & eating
Organic veggies from Yolanda & Eva, Ceres Natural @molsa.biosi, sourdough bread 🍞 from Arnaud, Forn la Panacée @forn_la_panacee and plant-based cheese from Julien Malmont @veggiekarmafood


Collective creation of a textile sculpture — hands-on workshop
By Valentina Lops & Constanza Gonzalez Torm @colectivoartisticoliberarte


Game down the memory lane — hands-on games
By Lea Höhn


Forró, everybody leads, everybody follows — feet-on Brazilian dance
By Sophia Kc. @mudanca.forro


Craziest body movements — feet-on dance
By Leo Zirner @zirnerleo


Choro Jam with shakers! — hands-on music
By Gustavo Zysman @guzysman and Club del Choro de Barcelona @clubdelchorodebarcelona


The end. Doors are closed.
A big thank you for the special collaboration with our host venue @akasha.barcelona

Two months in the making, this event is a non-profit initiative organized by Sophia Kecir Camper, founder of Brakcshaw Studio to demonstrate that a post-capitalist society is possible and already exist.