Who's behind

Founder of Brakcshaw Studio, Sophia Kecir Camper is a self-taught designer, artist and activist.
In 2018, Sophia worked on a first art installation, GoĢlgota Burger, using burgers as pop culture artefacts, to awaken concern about the animal industry, and was hooked by people's reaction.
Shortly after, Sophia expanded her interest in food to climate activism and stumbled upon the Degrowth community.

In 2022, enrolled in the Political Science Master in Degrowth of the University of Barcelona. Since then, Sophia has been very active, taking part in Degrowth-related conferences, workshops, always in touch with different circles of activists and academics. Most importantly, Sophia has understood early enough that the crisis is systemic, environmental as well as socio-economic and political, contributing to wealth inequalities, social injustice, exploitation of living beings etc.

In 2023, after 10 years working as a Designer for tech startups from Silicon Valley, Sophia decided to launch Brakcshaw Studio, to connect pop culture, arts, music, food, social justice with political science and climate corruption. Making film campaigns, building communities, and reclaiming spaces in the city, to push the agenda of a post-capitalist society.